Message from the Chairman

Hello Everyone. We are already well into yet another busy year. Last year, 2015 was indeed busy for the Executive Committee and all our voluntary helpers who give their time so freely at Gateway, Special Olympics, Wolverhampton Gymnastics and Swimmers and all the many activities organised on behalf of our members. I must pay tribute to all who contribute in such a positive way to maintain such a variety of activities and thereby enriching the experiences and lifestyle of our members. They are our ‘unsung heroes’.

The Executive Committee has formed a steering group to develop an action plan for the Employ Me campaign. They have already met together on a number of occasions and their mission statement is ‘Helping to find meaningful work for adults with learning difficulties of all ages’. I thank them for all their planning. They will also be conducting a survey of members to help plan the next stage of development.

The involvement of our members at Old Tree Nursery and Glyn Bank as part of the Skills for Life training programme has been disrupted over the last few months. There have been staffing problems which are now being resolved and hopefully everything will soon be up and running again.

There are lots more activities and news items that I would like to inform you of but you will be able to keep up-to-date if you read the Mencap Wolverhampton quarterly Newsletter. Thank you to Liz Pentecost for patiently gathering all the articles and news items, editing and publishing each edition.

Please try to recruit new members. Maybe some of your friends would like to join. We need a strong, active membership to be heard and to enhance the lifestyle and opportunities for all those with learning difficulties. Let’s go for it.

Tony Chilvers