Message from the Patron


Rob Marris

Overall, it has been another good year for Wolverhampton Mencap.

Sadly, not everything in our country is good news. The bad news is that DWP Benefits have gone down – even though sometimes people need a bit of help to live an independent life with dignity and self-respect. Unfortunately the government keeps on cutting Benefits, which is bad for Mencap members.

The good news is that employment has gone up – even though sometimes it can be hard to convince employers that someone with learning difficulties has the ability to do a job loyally and thoroughly.

These two things can be connected. If there is not enough DWP help in the workplace – for example, a note-taker – someone cannot get a job. It’s simple: people should have a fair chance to show what they are capable of.

It is also good news that Glyn Bank has been upgraded. It is now “our home” again. It is offering helpful courses and events for members. It is good fun as well – like so many other things Mencap Wolverhampton does.

The Gateway Club has had another bostin’ year. It is very successful and is a lot of fun. The volunteers who help to run Gateway are marvellous. I have enjoyed visiting – and dancing! I am delighted that Gateway continues to take place at Beckminster, because the hall is very close to my home!

Talking of dancing, the 50th anniversary “bash” at the Goodyear Pavilion was wonderful. My wife Julia and I had a fantastic time, seeing old friends and making new ones. Our congratulations to all those volunteers who organised the event. Much appreciated.


Rob Marris
Wolverhampton Mencap