Message from the Patron


Rob Marris

The last 12 months have flown by! I have been busy going to the House of Commons in London. Of course the big news in politics is Brexit. I think it is better to be part of a bigger group, so that we can stick together and be stronger. So in the referendum last summer I voted for our country to remain in the European Union. However Brexit won the referendum vote. That means that the United Kingdom will leave the European Union. Making all the arrangements for leaving will take a lot of time in Parliament. That means that there is lots of work for me to do as your Member of Parliament!


I have been asking the government not to cut DWP Benefits so much. People need the support so that they can live an independent life with dignity and self-respect.


I am pleased that there are more jobs available in the economy. That should be good news for adults with learning disabilities. I do realise that it is sometimes hard to convince employers that, in spite of their difficulties, someone has the ability to do the job loyally and thoroughly.


This year I have again enjoyed my visits to the Gateway Club, especially the 50th anniversary party in November. It is just about the only time I get to dance these days!


You can read about the highlights of the past year and you can see more detail in the Year Book 2017.

Rob Marris